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Chill in the housing market seeps into other industries – The Seattle Times

John Matheson, a home inspector in Alameda, Calif., kept busy during the pandemic when the housing market was red hot. But as interest rates started to rise about halfway through 2022, he noticed that his workload began to drop. Last year, the number of jobs plummeted. “My business is about 5…….


There’s a flicker of life in the housing market as average mortgage payments plummet nearly $400 over 2 months and buyers start to stir again, Redfin says – Fortune

Following a painful year for the housing market that saw mortgage rates shoot up to just over 8% after years of historically low rates, monthly mortgage payments have finally fallen back down to their lowest level in nearly a year, according to a newly released Redfin report. But it’s still rough,…….

Title Rewrite: How NJ Could Become One of Three States to Face a Real Estate Crisis in 2024 – New Jersey 101.5 FM

It looks like New Jersey’s housing market may soon run out of steam. And that’s unfortunate for so many living in The Garden State.According to a recent report released by ATTOM, New Jersey is among one of the top three states expected to see a housing market crash in 2024.Illinois and California ar…….

Make it SEO friendly How a ‘Silver Tsunami’ Could Drastically Affect the 2024 Housing Market: Expert Analysis

The “silver tsunami” — a colloquialism referring to aging Americans changing their housing arrangements to accommodate aging — could have more of an impact on the housing market this year, according to analyst Meredith Whitney in a conversation with Yahoo Finance.

“[T]he other majo…….


Zillow’s chief economist published a New Year’s ‘Housing Market Resolutions’ list. It reveals just how dire things have … – Yahoo Finance

High home prices and even higher mortgage rates; that’s how most people would describe last year’s housing market—one that by some estimates was the least affordable since the 1980s.It’s simple: Home prices skyrocketed during the pandemic and rose steadily last year despite mortgage rates mo…….